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Yesterday's Darling
you are my reason
so wow im at work right now WORK ahha this is such a joke i just sit… 
25th-May-2007 11:56 am
so wow
im at work right now
ahha this is such a joke
i just sit around and play on the internet and talk and stuff
but theres not many people to talk to atm and its killing me. im getting so add i've busted out a magazine
as if im getting PAYED for this.

in other news
i had apretty eventufll long weekend
i went down to see Mr.Benjamin Bailey (aka the love of my freakin life but never going to happen ) in St. Catharines
So, it was th ebest weekend of my life because... its not so not meant to be. haha *yay*
uhh we got there saterday morning/afternoon do to bad traffic. oh yah, Pamela, Jonno and I went. So yes, got there, hugged was like BEN, met his parents, which was awkward but good. i still think they hate me, even though he tells me they think otherwise. So we then went and met up with Jamey, who is really nice. kind of awkward looking, but hes got a good personality and these cute little quirks. So we hung out at thsi stampded thing and it was alright, nothign to fancy for a small town stampede. lol
it was cute tho
anyway, then we went to the bar in that night. wherethigns got a bit more interseting. since i didn't know anyone i was dancing liek amad fiend to anything and everything basically.  so then apparently ben got mad jealous or something and i found this out later.. but yah
so we wanted to go home, couldn't get a taxi.. decided to walk. so we were walking and then jamey went ahead of us.. so it was just ben and i.. then he was like "i really want ot tell you something but don't think i can" naturally, i got it out of him.. that he liekd me.. 8yay*
so he kept rambling, an dthen i was like.. freaking out inside.. and decided to just kiss him. so i did.. im awsome. lol
then we fooled around at his house all night.. cause imma dirty whore. lol. did i mention that he has a gf througout of all of this. yah.. classy whore.
rest of the weekend went on, it wasn't weird or awkward.. but rahter..RIGHT. like it just was so natural and fabulousss.
so yah
he dumped his gf
and now we are dating
haha, its super long distance and probably will cause more drama than anything else.. but..im hoping for the best
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