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Yesterday's Darling
you are my reason
don't you let it pass you by 
30th-Apr-2007 10:30 pm
done with danielle
i feel fabulous about that still
so i woke up today and went to teh dentist.. which was fine
except for the part where i was told tha tmy gums are all shot to hell. and it snot my fault. they have been swelling up and are all swollen still.. adn getting worse. if they get worse by the next timei go to the dentist im goint ohave to have sugery for it.scary times

i bought the avril cd and the NIN cd today
i love avril, its a horribly gay addiction

ummm i also uh.. pam and i got together and we raided smartset. basically. rendevous tmw!=D yay
and a tan
i am getting pale and pale and paler by the day
i miss tanning every other day fo real. 
f work.
speaking of that
i best be getting to bed. i work 12:30-9:30 tmw. ew.
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