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25th-May-2007 11:56 am(no subject)
so wow
im at work right now
ahha this is such a joke
i just sit around and play on the internet and talk and stuff
but theres not many people to talk to atm and its killing me. im getting so add i've busted out a magazine
as if im getting PAYED for this.

in other news
i had apretty eventufll long weekend
i went down to see Mr.Benjamin Bailey (aka the love of my freakin life but never going to happen ) in St. Catharines
So, it was th ebest weekend of my life because... its not so not meant to be. haha *yay*
uhh we got there saterday morning/afternoon do to bad traffic. oh yah, Pamela, Jonno and I went. So yes, got there, hugged was like BEN, met his parents, which was awkward but good. i still think they hate me, even though he tells me they think otherwise. So we then went and met up with Jamey, who is really nice. kind of awkward looking, but hes got a good personality and these cute little quirks. So we hung out at thsi stampded thing and it was alright, nothign to fancy for a small town stampede. lol
it was cute tho
anyway, then we went to the bar in that night. wherethigns got a bit more interseting. since i didn't know anyone i was dancing liek amad fiend to anything and everything basically.  so then apparently ben got mad jealous or something and i found this out later.. but yah
so we wanted to go home, couldn't get a taxi.. decided to walk. so we were walking and then jamey went ahead of us.. so it was just ben and i.. then he was like "i really want ot tell you something but don't think i can" naturally, i got it out of him.. that he liekd me.. 8yay*
so he kept rambling, an dthen i was like.. freaking out inside.. and decided to just kiss him. so i did.. im awsome. lol
then we fooled around at his house all night.. cause imma dirty whore. lol. did i mention that he has a gf througout of all of this. yah.. classy whore.
rest of the weekend went on, it wasn't weird or awkward.. but rahter..RIGHT. like it just was so natural and fabulousss.
so yah
he dumped his gf
and now we are dating
haha, its super long distance and probably will cause more drama than anything else.. but..im hoping for the best
7th-May-2007 10:44 pm(no subject)
guess who got a job at bev hills?
so excited
i just hope that she understands that im going to require certain days off and shit... lets hope its all good

im gong to get black
i can't wait. ill update tmw morning
imt ired
30th-Apr-2007 10:30 pm - don't you let it pass you by
done with danielle
i feel fabulous about that still
so i woke up today and went to teh dentist.. which was fine
except for the part where i was told tha tmy gums are all shot to hell. and it snot my fault. they have been swelling up and are all swollen still.. adn getting worse. if they get worse by the next timei go to the dentist im goint ohave to have sugery for it.scary times

i bought the avril cd and the NIN cd today
i love avril, its a horribly gay addiction

ummm i also uh.. pam and i got together and we raided smartset. basically. rendevous tmw!=D yay
and a tan
i am getting pale and pale and paler by the day
i miss tanning every other day fo real. 
f work.
speaking of that
i best be getting to bed. i work 12:30-9:30 tmw. ew.
so, danielle is abitch, a hypocritical bitch. im tired of her shit and the way she goes through friends... ditches them.. wants them back.. ditches them... stabs them in the back.. ditches them. fantastic
i mean. fuck you. really now
so anyway.. she just cancelled on the gwen show for me. and thats 100 dolla ticket that i BOUGHT on MY mastercard for HER. so shes paying. fuck it. i don't care.

so anyway, she wrote this to me after iasked if she was coming.

Hey Kim
About the Gwen ticket, this is where I stand. First off, I really don't want to go to the concert, because I feel like it will be awkward and weird, seeing as I don't ever talk to you or Caitlin. We haven't really talked or hung out since before I left for Utah and then I came back and everything was weird, and we didn't do anything about it. You know that I'm not the biggest lover of Gwen, but I wanted to go because we were all friends and I thought it would be fun. Now that we aren't talking, and really... aren't acting like real friends, what it the point in me going?? John got tickets for the Phantom, not knowing it was the same day as Gwen. I really love the Phantom, and want to see it agian one more time before it leaves Toronto. Kate is in the same situation, because she commited to the Phantom as well. What John is doing, is looking around becuase we have a month left, to try and find someone else to go to the show so that Kate doesn't have to pay for both. And I'm sure we can find someone to use her ticket. I think that is what we should do in this situation as well, because I don't feel its right for me to pay for a ticket that I wont be attending. You have lots of friends, and a month to find someone. I'm sure that someone would love to go, and you would have more fun with someone else anyways. I think this is the best option. I'm really sorry that I have to put you in this situation and that I wont be attending, but I feel like it will be the best solution. Hope you understand. Take care.

 my ever-so-kind responce=

well im *super* excited that you told me this now. you know, a month before the concert. since you've known for a whlie. tahts realllll friendly like. sorry, but thats downright freakin rude. teh only reason i knew to ask you for the money was because i was talking to kate and SHE told me you were goingt o attend phantom. so would you of even told me now if i didn't ask?? apparently not. freakin' RUDE. Oh oh, and honestly, i was looking forward to us all hanging out. and its not my fault that you haven't been talking to me. i tryed talking t you, adn then you just died of and at any attempt to hagn out you were doing other things. and the other things.. like going to rama and down to the falls then newyork or w/e... neither cait nor i were invited to- you didn't even really TELL us about it.which was over so nice. we didn't say anything... because we arn't like that. but it was sort of rude. AND you canceleld out everyone from goingt o my sisters jack and jill. whichalso was a previous arrangement. i mean, i wouldn' of minded if you had TOLD me that everyone was going to ditch.. not as much at least. it was a big slap in the face to say the least. i've attempted to invite you to things, make plans... and everytime i'm shut down.. or ditched. seems like that shall continue for gwen too.. and now that im out 100 bucks, im going to be rude. because, thats 100 dolla i can't afford to lose. and no, no one else can take the ticket. they either work, or are moving, or are still in school. therefore, yes, you will be payin for the ticket unless i can find someone else for it. you made a commitment to go. if you weren't going to go, i wouldn' tof put MY money forward on behalf of you. you promised you'd get me the cash. and franlky, you will...i thought you were a solid okay and weren't goingt o ditch me for your boyfriend. which you do, and did. don't get me started on how your being a hypocrite in the john situation either. saying you love him after what.. a month? not even? and before you bad talked others for saying that they loved someone before that, and that you'd "never do it" because it wouldn't be "real love" and that it would be "moving to fast". bs. im happy that your in a realtionship and are happy, but your also being a hypocrite in this situation.. and i think its cruel to mark. but hey.. thats my opinion again.
good to know you don't consider me a friend..
OH, and that you don't want to bother to fix anyting. lord knows i've tried
i've already been asking around for teh ticket.. ebcause.. you've known of phantom for a while, and i was *waiting* for you to approach me.. didn't happen. and so far no one can take it. therefore, im going to need the money. i don't care if i sound bitchy. i mean, after reading what you wrote and how you've been acting lately. i can pretty much take it that you don't want to BE my friend anymore, or that you even care. so, thanks for being a best friend, ignoring me, ditching me, hurting me and then cancelling out completely.
i don't understand, and this time, what teh best solution for you.. isn't for me.
be in touch soon.

fuck me.

Also, today was my sister bridal shower. it was alright times. same bridal time, same bridal day. everythings gone bridezilla in my world. my familys world, and my house. it slike.. bride bride bride! wait wait.. WEDDING! ahhhhhhhhhh!
and im tired of it
don't get me wrong, im pumped for her wedding.. its just a bit much.. and shes getting a bit bitchy. she keeps bossing me around. thinking i should go and do and basically run around and be at her becking call to do anything and everyting-- think again. not going to happen

then theres Kristen. and im super glad shes opening up to me and im getting to know he rmore
but he more im getting to know her.. the lessi am
everything i thought was her and was lead to think she beleived in and where her moral values layed, have been scewed
she has a fucking dirty mouth, and now smokes pot. *super*
way to be so against it then be a hypocrite. im just digusted. and if i can influence her in any way possible. i hope its to stop this habbit. i don't care how "unoften" it is. im going to stop it
plus im pretty sure she has sx with her old boyfriend. which si still in her life. im going tto stop that soon too. and tell her to sensen the frig up.
basically, im going to bitch at her. soon.

so thats it
thats whats on my mind
i miss ben
and real friends.
27th-Apr-2007 10:49 am(no subject)
just woke up and watched some ellen... min dyou, i ws rudly awoken. this wasn't anything peaceful by anymeans.

my work called me asking if i'd come in 2-5 or something like that. and idealy..sure. except i haven't had an afternoon to myself since heck knows when. and my tanning minutes are being wasted, and im having no social life. othe rthan that.. sure work. ill come in. f that.
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